You know why travel is intriguing. Travel is brilliant -- as much for what it shows you about you as for what it shows you about others. Travel has a way of stretching you past your comfort zone. Like yoga for the mind, travel keeps you flexible.

What's more, it's a great way to practice those prodigious woman skills of yours. It's the ability to wonder and appreciate. The ability to make a human connection . . . from the shy smile of a Roman waiter to a true-blue friendship with the kindred spirit you met on the Tube.

Claim bragging rights if you like. Your women friends may not be ready to solo, but they'll be inspired and awed that you can. We think your guy friends will be impressed, too. It takes a confident woman to strike out on her own. 

These same friends will love to hear your stories. Perhaps they'll be inspired to make their own adventure. Better still, maybe they'll join you on your next.

A Woman's Europe guidebooks provide the itineraries, planning, and travel tips you need to make your journey a smashing success.  

There are stories here, too. Inspiring tales of deeply interesting women. Women who pursued both inner and outer adventures -- just like you.