With Friends

Seeing the world is the proverbial itch you need to scratch; your date with Destiny. And yet who can you travel with? You're single, divorced, widowed. Your guy can't tear himself away from work. Or can't get the time off. Or says he'd rather see America first.

You understand when he tells you this last bit, because in a way he's right. There really is so much to see here at home.

Well, yes there is, but that doesn't change how you feel – the way you've always felt or have more newly felt. There is life outside this fine country. A life you've read about in books or have heard about from friends who've been there. 

That life is rich in language and custom. It's extraordinary places. It's where something so ordinary, like a trip to the grocery store, can actually change the way you see -- can change you. 

Plenty of women travel solo, but it's not for everyone. Solo travelers see the world through a single pair of eyes. It's great to be able to share a new sight or revelation with someone else. 

Someone like a friend . . . or two. 


You may already have friends who travel. If so, start the conversation.

No traveling friends? Don't give up. Sometimes the most reluctant or most cash-strapped or the busiest women will seriously surprise you.

But suddenly there you are -- in a boat beneath the darkly rising Cliffs of Moher. Or shopping like mods on Soho's Carnaby Street. Or sipping wine on a terrace in Rome, white birds wheeling and cathedral bells chiming through your private Italian airspace.

A Woman's Europe guidebooks show you and your friends the itineraries you need for a successful adventure. You'll also find the inspiring stories and histories of women you simply must meet.